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le maire de Laval


A TRIBUTE to Canada's  GREATEST   MAYOR,  Mayor Hazel McCallion,
 (Mississauga, ON), on Rick Mercer Report (6mins):


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Election Platform

The following PRIORITIES are my objectives as
Mayor of Laval in 2017:

1) Implement the THREE (3) STRIKES Rule for RAH (Responsible, Accountable, Honest) Politicians/Governments at the Municipal (City of Laval) level in order to help ensure that Laval Politicians remain Responsible, Accountable and Honest.

THREE (3) STRIKES RULE for RAH (Responsible, Accountable, Honest) Politicians/Government(s):

  1. Any Elected / Appointed Government Official caught in a  FLAGRANT LIE pertaining to "false election promises" or the direct execution of their job, will be fined ONE YEAR'S SALARY for the first  LIE,
  2. TWO YEARS SALARY for the second  LIE, and
  3. THREE YEARS SALARY for the third  LIE, at which time the thrice lying Government Official will be IMMEDIATELY  IMPEACHED  and Fired.

2) Downsize (actually RIGHTSIZE !) the Laval City Council by amalgamating every three (3) Laval Municipal Ridings into one (1) riding. This "Rationalization of Resources" through riding "Consolidation" would help eliminate waste, duplication, and excess costs by reducing the number of Laval Municipal Councillors from an EXCESSIVE 21 (Twenty-One !) Councillors presently, to the optimally RIGHTSIZED number of 7 (seven) Councillors/ seats in the Municipal Council of the City of Laval. (Savings to the Laval Taxpayer: MILLIONS of Dollars!)

Each of these seven (7) Councillors would be on the Executive Committee of Laval. Thus the "Executive  Committee" would henceforth be ELECTED by voters rather than appointed by the Mayor.

3) ABOLISH PROPERTY TAXES on all OWNER-OCCUPIED PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES in Laval for retirees age 65 (sixty-five) years and older by phasing out this ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL tax over ten (10) years, at the rate of a 10% (ten percent) reduction in property taxes per year, for the next ten years.

Reduce ALL OTHER municipal property taxes 20% (twenty percent) at a rate of 5% (five percent) reduction per year, for the next 4 (four) years.

NO NEW TAXES would be created. NO TAX INCREASES would be thrust upon ANY other group. ALL lost revenue from this plan would be made up by implementing 1) and 2) above: making the Laval Government RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE, and HONEST, and thereby decreasing WASTE and CORRUPTION, while improving EFFICIENCY.

Require ALL future municipal tax increases and MAJOR investments/ expenses to be approved by VOTERS on REFERENDUM BALLOTS at Laval municipal elections every 4 (four) years. Thus put an end to the OUT OF CONTROL SPEND, TAX; SPEND MORE, TAX MORE; SPEND EVEN MORE, TAX EVEN MORE downward spiral to financial ruin.

4)  Fire  the Laval Police Chief who "In fifteen (15) years never received one corruption complaint in Laval" and "didn't know" there was political corruption in Laval despite the fact that Rick Blatter personally told him so in 2005. All this while "WILDERNESS CAMPING" on the front lawn of Laval City Hall to DEMAND a PUBLIC  INQUIRY  into  CORRUPTION  at Laval City Hall... for 81 (EIGHTY-ONE) DAYS!    But "he didn't know" !!!???

Restructure the Laval Police force  to make it more RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE and HONEST... including opening it to public scrutiny and civilian oversight and review. Victims/ complainants will have access to "disciplinary hearings" to ensure what is said and discussed is actually what happened... to ensure THE TRUTH.

5) Encourage the use of PUBLIC TRANSIT by REDUCING ALL FARES 50% and INCLUDING the BUS, METRO & TRAIN in the same ticket ( = Integrated Mass Transit System). Monthly pass (Bus / Metro / Train) for adults would be $50, $25 for one week, $10 for 24 hours, $1.50 per ride in rush-hour traffic, and $1 per ride at other times.

Further, a proper Commuter Train Service would be implemented as I proposed in 1993, along with the Mono-Rail between the Two-Mountains train line and the Blainville train line. This would have cost about $50 Million in 1993, (now probably $300 Million), whereas Vaillancourt`s rip-off 5 km Metro is now over ONE BILLION DOLLARS ! That`s why the public transit in Laval is so expensive and useless! Too much money paid for too little = INEFFICIENCY !

Express Buses would go East-West and North-South along the major arteries so that people know where the bus is going, and so that users get to where they are going FAST without taking an endless, convoluted scenic trip EVERYWHERE except to where they want to go.

Last but not least, all Laval Diesel Vehicles (trucks, buses, ambulances...) would be converted to BIO-DIESEL to help clean the air and reduce pollution. To meet the recommendations of the United Nations Climate Change Conference we need to use, and encourage people to use Mass Transit. This will only happen if Mass Transit is FAST, INEXPENSIVE, and EFFICIENT. Please ask your local media about my mass transit plan. Why do we never hear about this, yet the BILLION DOLLAR RIP-OFF 5km metro is always in the news???

FAST, EFFICIENT, INEXPENSIVE mass transit (Integrated Mass Transit System) would take cars off the road allowing those who NEED TO travel by car or truck get to where they need to go with less traffic, and therefore with less pollution.

6) Ethics & Politics: Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, realized THREE (3) HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE JESUS CHRIST (384 - 322 B.C.) that studying Ethics and Politics leads to PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE. It enables people to act properly and live happily.

To help encourage our Laval politicians to behave properly: morally, ethically and politically, Rick Blatter, Mayor of Laval, would invite the Priest / Religious Leader from each and every Religion / Church in Laval to Laval City Hall in order to open all Laval City Hall meetings with a Prayer.

Each Laval City Hall meeting would begin with the Prayer from a different Church / Religion in order to promote wholesome Ethical / Religious values such as : HONESTY, DECENCY, COMPASSION, and CHARITY for EVERYONE, and not just friends of the (corrupt) regime.

Taxpayer "sick & tired of paying" saying: "The worst of it is that I don't have time to protest, I'm too busy working!!"

His protest sign says (in French):
- Sales Tax
- Fuel Tax
- Prescription/ Medication tax
- Retirement Plans
- Driver's License
- Vehicle Registration, etc...
not to mention CORRUPTION!

Vacuum Cleaner ("Aspirateur" in French) sucking his pockets dry. (In English a medical "Aspirator" vs a "TAXPIRATOR").
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